Will the Real Inner Child Please Stand Up?

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan for “Will the Real Inner Child Please Stand Up?” Viral eBook

The Viral eBook

Will the Real Inner Child Please Stand Up? is part of the Inner Child body of work by Raymond Siew — Read preview copy

It will be published in ebook format, in a .EXE compilation to enable the rebrandable and viral features of the ebook.


WOW!!! The premise is genius!...it incites personal inquiry, reflection, and a curiosity to know more on the subject....it is chock-full with new ideas and perspectives. You have a style of writing that is intriguing and reveals a very complex mind with a plethora of ideas. I can see this being a VOLUMINOUS work.

Lisa Lamoreaux - www.Creative-Legacy.com

What you wrote here was interesting and trenchant and -- given M. Scott Peck's terminology -- not something I had heard in this way before. I can really relate to your entire "inner child" thing and I'm eager to see how you relate it all to the WWW.

Ann Barczay Sloan - www.GeniusUnbound.com

Potential Market

For those who have an interest in the psychology of the inner child, spirituality (of which there is a great enquiry in today's world) as well as business, Will the Real Inner Child Please Stand Up? ebook demonstrates how these 3 normally separated areas of work are inter-related.

This book will be distributed www-wide.

Differentiation from Competition

This book is unique as it will be given away for free AND it's rebrandable — ie. the book can be personalized with your name & link and given as a gift, and you can also insert your own ad into the book before passing it along.

Marketing Plan

Upon release, Will the Real Inner Child Please Stand Up? ebook will be promoted virally throughout the www via:

  • It's My Life! - Lifestyle Ezine
  • in-the-loop - Business Ezine
  • eMasters - Design, Advertising & Promotions Agency
  • Business networks
  • Community-building and spiritual networks

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Sponsorship for Will the Real Inner Child Please Stand Up? Viral eBook

There will be limited sponsorship advertising spots inside Will the Real Inner Child Please Stand Up? viral ebook — This ebook will be distributed far and wide, throughout the www.

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