Raymond Siew


Ray As an Entrepreneur, Raymond Siew's firsthand knowledge and personal insights are distilled from his 21-year exposure in the corporate arena and hands-on experience as a dealmaker in both local and foreign corporate environments, which include Fortune 500 as well as public-listed companies.

In the 1970's, Raymond went to the UK to pursue his education. He graduated from City & East London College in Optics and worked for Dollond & Aitchison (UK), the largest optical house in Europe with over 600 branches in the UK; he also worked in For Eyes, the fastest-growing optical chain in the UK during the late eighties and also the first optical house to go for public listing. Shortly after returning to Malaysia in the 1990's, Raymond shifted focus from the optical industry and he started his own Construction and Interior Design company.

In 1997, Raymond was Corporate Projects Director of a multinational development company with projects in Australia, China, Laos, Papua New Guinea and Malaysia. His portfolio covered the group's construction subsidiaries in Malaysia with the brief to coordinate with key personnel to identify and negotiate corporate level contracts in Malaysia, and to oversee implementation.

Between 1999 to 2001, Raymond was invited by Star Cruises PLC to form a Malaysian Design and Build Consortium for the refurbishment of their cruise liners. In the consortium, Raymond had the privilege to work with WTW Lehrer McGovern (a subsidiary of Bovis Lendlease PLC, and the project manager of Petronas Twin Towers) and Federal Furniture Bhd as well as marine experts, designers, contractors and shipyard owners from America, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

Raymond was also briefly a Seminar Speaker on negotiation skills. He trained as a performance coach under UNDP and was a counsellor at a HIV hospice. Raymond is the author of the work "The Sentic Negotiator", a program with seminars & workshops on negotiation skills — The word "sentic" comes from "sentient" and denotes "awareness". In his program, Raymond demonstrates that self-awareness is the cornerstone of any successful negotiation. He is also the author of "Inner Child".

In 2003, Raymond joined eMasters as CEO/Business Development Strategist. He turned the company around and has positioned eMasters as a strong brand on the www as a Design, Advertising and Promotions Agency. Raymond also develops eMasters' www B2B network.

In 2009, Raymond formed the First GM Chess Academy to provide the last mile solution to finding and developing Malaysia's first Grandmaster in chess. He also writes an active chess blog exploring the issues surrounding this goal. He was appointed the Mind Coach by the Malaysian Chess Federation for the 2010 ASEAN Games (Subic Bay, Philippines).

Raymond is also an avid bridge player and has a passion for community building (as defined by M Scott Peck).

Shoi-Yean Mak

Creative Director  .  Project Management

Shoi Shoi is a professional Designer and an experienced Administrator. She cut her teeth in the British Broadcasting Corporation UK (Politics & Current Affairs News Room) as an Administrative Assistant in mid-1980. She then moved on to manage a London-based fashion house, coordinating their businesses worldwide, from manufacturing in China to retail outlets all across Europe and the US. When she returned to Malaysia in the '90s, she also ran her own interior design company before starting eMasters.

Shoi has been marketing over the www since 2000. Her experience includes the development and design of promotional material, graphics & marketing websites. She is a multiple awards winner for Business Website Design. Shoi also conceptualized and co-developed eMasters' viral distribution system & network and created eMasters eCourses as a viral marketing vehicle to launch a wide range of eMasters' Internet-based in-house brands as well as its joint ventures.

Shoi works together with Ray to convert websites into a fully-integrated marketing site with positive ROI as its primary focus.

Mark Siew

Research & Development

Mark Mark is currently a second-year Computer Science student at St. Michael's Institution, where he is also President of the International Chess Club and Editor-in-Chief for the school magazine, which enjoys an international readership. He has also represented his class for the Pre-University Young Researchers Colloquium.

From 2004 onwards, Mark has been playing chess competitively. He emerged state champion for his age group in 2005. He then represented his home state, Perak, for five consecutive years before breaking into the National Junior Team in 2010. Since then, he has represented Malaysia in the 2010 ASEAN Games and the 2011 Asian Youth Chess Championship as well as the annual Malaysia-Singapore Chess Challenge (where he was part of the team that beat Singapore for the first time in 10 years).

Among his other pursuits, Mark has also made the school team for several state-level Parliamentary Debate competitions. He has an interest in martial arts and self defence, in particular Aikido and Karate, where he attends training when he can.
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